Please enjoy the beautiful brides, bridesmaids, prom gals and wedding-goers I have had the pleasure of dolling up for their special celebrations!



makeup23 makeup22 makeup21 makeup20 makeup19 makeup18 makeup17 makeup16 makeup15 makeup14 makeup13 makeup12 makeup11 makeup10 makeup9 makeup8 makeup7 makeup6 makeup5 makeup4 makeup3 makeup2 makeup1Bridal1Bridal2Bridal3Bridal4Bridal5 Bridal24 Bridal22


Bridal12Bridal13Bridal15Bridal16Bridal17Bridal19Bridal21bridal29bridal31bridal28bridal30bridal26bridal27bridal25prom1prom2prom3prom4prom5prom6prom7prom8prom9prom10prom11prom12image image image image


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